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Online Class

"Health Matters"

Virtual Health Series

The program is designed to help you and your loved ones take better care of your health, improve your understanding and your overall well-being.


Each session is one hour via Zoom. We believe these topics are essential for those caring for their health and covering the health maintenance of a loved one.


Our program will provide you with practical tips and insights that you can apply to your daily life to help you and your loved ones stay healthy, which in turn reduces emergency room visits and cost of healthcare services.


The program is open to everyone. The program will be delivered via interactive virtual sessions. We are confident that you will find this program beneficial, and we look forward to your participation.

Come get your health questions answered. Let's foster longevity, because your health matters.

Checking Blood Pressure

Understanding Critical
Vital Signs

Reading a Braille with Doctor

End of Life Planning

Online Medical Consultant

Health Insurance Basics

Smiling medical personel

Personal Medical Care Team Management

Next Class: Monday April 15 & 17
Understanding Health Insurance Basics

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